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Marilyn first started her clay endeavors in 1998 under the direction of Master potter, Dan Finch in Bailey, NC. Since then, she has continued to hone her craft through classes and workshops with nationally and internationally know ceramic artists, such as, Rudy Autio, Don Reitz, Tom Coleman, Paul Soldner, Peter Callas and Debra Fritts, to name only a few.

Marilyn's handbuilt clay forms include coiled stoneware baskets, platters and wall reliefs. She incorporates natural accents, such as handles made of seasoned cedar, grapevines, bamboo and driftwood. The harmonious blending of basic elements of nature is not only esthetically pleasing, but very rewarding to accomplish. The fusion of form and function in the creative process is a direct result of her two passions in life, travel and clay.

Marilyn StoverA legacy of Marilyn's fifteen plus years as an international flight attendant is her continued passion for travel. During her global wanderings she is always in search of that special piece of driftwood or unique weathered branch to incorporate in her clay creations. From the experiences of travel and the constantly changing input from the varied sights, sounds, natural vistas and tactile interactions, she has tried to maintain a constantly fresh and evolving perspective in her work. The blending of clay, wood, glass and metal provides a rich melange that enables her to project what she has experienced.

John began his clay efforts after participating in a two week woodfiring workshop by Peter Callas in 2000. Since that pivotal event he has been influenced by ceramic artists, such as Don Reitz, Dan Finch, Jack Troy and Ron Meyers, to name a few. His main focus is wheel thrown pieces, both functional and decorative.

John has been influenced by Asian and Indian work from both Americas, as well as contemporary thrown, altered and carved work. He enjoys creating form and contour which are both functional and yet have a decorative effect. He blends experience from a scientific and liberal arts background. A retired diagnostic radiologist, John finds that clay offers a means to create from both without and within.

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